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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1If we are not a group, do we have to book the visit?
    No, reservations are made only for groups of minimum 20 persons. If you are single visitor, you can directly go to the ticket office and you will be aggregated to the first group leaving for the visit desired.
    2The visits have fixed schedules?
    No, when you buy your ticket we will communicate you the visiting hours for all museum spaces.
    3Tombs and Apartments are visited in a single tour?
    No, the Tombs and the Apartments are two separate spaces, so you can visit them with different tours. Each tour lasts 45 minutes and has a ticket to itself.
    4Is there a cumulative ticket?
    If you choose to visit more than one section of the museum, you will automatically have reduced ticket on the routes after the first (eg. If you visit the Tombs, you will have a reduced ticket for the apartment and the Ascent to the Dome).
    5To enter the Basilica do you have to pay?
    No, the Basilica is free entry. Only if you are a group and you decide to book a guided tour of the church, this will cost 3.00 Euro per person.