XVIII century style rooms into the green hills.

With the SERMIG-Fraternità della Speranza’s Guestroom The Basilica di Superga offers the possibility to stay in the tranquility and into the green of the hills near Turin.
The Guestroom includes 19 rooms in XVIII century style, recently restored and furnished. Single rooms, double rooms, quadruple rooms and fivefold rooms, all with private bathroom, are available. Breakfast is included.
The Guestroom allows to use many halls for meetings and conferences.
Is also available a Groups Reception, furnished with beds in a shared room, bathrooms, kitchen and a break room for 30 peoples.

Informations and reservations:

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Tel: 011 8980083

"Sala Peterlin"

The hall owes its name to the work of Domenico Peterlin, painter from Vicenza. “The triumph of the True” or “The Vision of St John Evangelist in Patmos” is a magnificent painting of XIX century, which the author donated for patriotic spirit to Vittorio Emanuele II, first king of Italy.
The painting shows both a religious subject and a National metaphor. The religious point of view is about the visions that St John had in Patmos described in the Apocalypse.
The national metaphor is referred to the Mazzini’s idea who imagined God and the people united, and the human and patriotic redemption as a religious fact. In his work Peterlin shows the liberation of Italy from the foreign domination. In facts, through the image of Jesus Christ defeating the Evil, the artist represents the martyrs of Italian history.