Activities organized in the Basilica

Activities organized in the Basilica The Museum Spaces of the Basilica of Superga opened up to the possibility of organizing Team Building activities, in agreement with the expert company, Team Now.
Many funny and original proposals that our site wants to propose to groups, based on specific needs, which can be discussed at the time of requesting information.

Below is a list of the proposed activities:

Treasure Hunt in Augmented Reality

An innovative way to discover our renowned location and its rich history: a real movie experience that your staff will live in first person.
A path through our halls, corridors, gardens. A storyline built around History and customised to your own needs.
When participants find a clue and scan it, special effects or filmed scenes starring our actors will animate their devices.
This format can also be used to deliver part of the content of your Convention or to turn it into Experiential Learning.

Detective Story in Augmented Reality

Immerse your staff into an intricate detective story located in our majestic location.
Someone is threatening your convention... maybe the whole city! And your team is the only hope to stop them.
Kick off your hunt with the few initial clues, explore the long-forgotten niches and rooms and gather the intelligence you need to thwart the enemy's plans. You will need all of your team's skills, resilience and the help of our Augmented Reality scanners if you want to succeed.

Escape from the Woods

A thrilling story that will disrupt your event and require your staff to use all of their combined skills to solve the mystery and make a safe return.
Your staff will be actually taken to the woods around Superga and, while they appreciate the nice views over Torino, they will have to solve riddles, gather clues, unravel an intricate plot to foil the enemy plans and go back to their Corporate Meeting.
All the challenges will be selected (after a preemptive analysis) in order for participants to realise what works and works not in their approach to teamworking.

Escape Room

At some stage during your Corporate event your staff find themselves locked in their meeting room. The only way out: solving the enigmas, the riddles, and the challenges concealed in the room. All of this in one only hour, under high pressure.
Your team will have to work synergistically to make it to safety while our analysts study their dynamics and understand how to improve their effectiveness.

Cube Totem

The future of any Escape Room format!
A mysterious tower made of mighty cubes, totally alien to the surrounding environment. Its surfaces, apparently neat, will reveal strange symbols, devices, wiring, screens, pictures, cached niches and odd artifacts. An unsettling countdown towers the whole structure.
Soon will you discover how all the oddities on the surfaces represent riddles, enigmas, clues, images that become videos in Augmented Reality... All interconnected in a challenge against Time. Will teams work effectively in parallel and stop the Totem in time?

Virtual Bomb Briefcase

A Team Building activity strongly focused on Effective Communication, Resource Management and Lucidity under Pressure.
Your staff will have to face a challenge they would never expect in their Corporate Meeting: defusing a 3D Virtual Bomb!
Split in two groups, one can see the 3D Bomb, the other has the manuals to defuse all of its possible modules. Which, though, are the modules of this very Bomb? And how to explain the other team the defusal procedure?
A highly analytical activity engineered to hone your teamworking skills.

Heracles’ Labours - A quest from table to table

An Epic Challenge against Time and heterogeneous Trials! As Heracles had to travel across lands and sea, your Teams will have to race from table to table, at each a challenge requiring a different type of reasoning, approach, aptitude.
Challenges will be picked according to the team working skills that you want to analyse and/or train.

Water Pipeline

The ultimate metaphor of Resource Management!
Each team will be responsible for a part of a greater pipeline, designed collectively. They will need to be Accurate in their realisation and Effective in the Communication with the other teams while never forgetting about the “Greater Picture”. Will your own project come alive?

Murder Mystery Dinner

Your Corporate Dinner turned into a true Detective Movie, the actors of which are... Your Staff!
Each person will only be told a part of the story and given a role, a background as well as tools and weapons. When the dinner begins, everyone will dive in this thrilling story and act freely.
What will happen? Will you all be able to control jealousy, anger, anxiety? What Choices will you make? Who will you kill or arrest?
One of the funniest Team Building activities on the market and a powerful analytical tool for our Experts.

Guess Who’s for Dinner

How to break ice among people at a Corporate Dinner table in a quick and effective manner?
How to help them discover unknown aspects and qualities of one another?
One chair per table will be left vacant; they are, you will learn, for our hooded actors playing the role of famous characters.
A limited time for your staff persons to ask questions and understand which famous characters they dined with.
During desserts, finally, the Great Showdown and Award Ceremony.

Detectives Cocktail Party in Augmented Reality

An innovative way to liven up a Cocktail party, a Standing dinner, a corporate Buffet: images of mysterious characters, coat of arms or vintage photos are scattered across the venue or provided directly to participants. When scanned, they will come alive as videos of the characters giving clues about their lives. Who will be able to correctly guess the identity of all the characters?

Domino Effect

A Team Building activity based on a never ending series of riddles, enigmas, dilemmas to gain tiles for the main Domino game; challenges designed to gamify your Corporate message or to bring to surface aptitudes or behaviours of your Team. Will you guys be able to create the greatest Domino Effect of all time?


An Team Building activity out of the ordinary to sensitise your staff on the importance of Values such as Respect, Sustainability, Inventiveness.
By crafting decor items from recycled materials, participants will work out their Creativity and their aptitude to taking advantage of assets they own rather than awaiting external solutions.
A potent metaphor of underestimated aptitudes such as "Scouting for novel Opportunities" or "Fixing before replacing".


A famous painting... A well-known photograph... Your corporate logo…
Divided in teams, your staff will have to magnify the original picture and the Values it bears.
Each group will be responsible for a section of the greater picture, the only tools to render shapes and nuances being hammers and giant nails. And an Effective Communication.
A grand metaphor of how each workteam's contribution builds up to the greater goals of the Company.

Pixel Art

An activity conceived to strengthen mutual Trust and the sense of Belonging to the Company while having great Fun. Teams will have to paint an apparently-meaningless cluster of giant pixels; only when assembled with the tiles realised by the other groups will the whole giant picture (and the Values it represents) become clear.
A great diversion for your Corporate meetings that will cool down minds without turning brains off.

Art Attack

Creativity meets Synergy!
Under the guidance and the analysis of our trainers, your staff will create a true piece of artwork which your people will be proud to display in their offices. It will prove a potent instrument to remind everyone about the "Lessons learnt" in the post-event Analysis with our professionals and about how your staff, together, can achieve any result whatsoever.